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Excellent sheet metal supply chain

Excellent sheet metal supply chain

In view of the mixed market in the current market, it is not as easy to do now as it was 10 years ago.But now great changes have taken place in the market environment, the lower the price of the product is sold, appearance of the demand is higher and higher, to find their own devices in the market the advantages of less and less, enterprise is difficult to do, to save material, so every link cost control is good, because the market is free, increase the added value of products is more important.     ss sheet metal   There are changes in the market, and there are opportunities in the market. The old methods are not working well, and everyone is competing to save costs, fight price wars, reduce quality, and finally can't go on, which is the development law of things.It is impossible that there is no price war. It is very unprofessional and irresponsible for a company to compete in the market at the cost of lowering the quality of its own products. Finding us will make you more relaxed.   ss sheet metal  

Introduce the current stage of sheet metal factory:

The first stage :(passive service) rough sheet metal processing, copying other appearance, free process, powder spraying outsourcing, about 50% of the market

Second stage :(passive service) precision sheet metal processing, good quality, engineer service, powder spraying outsourcing, about 20% of the market

The third stage: (active service) actively improve customer value: let the enterprise save time, let the boss save worry, let the staff save effort, market about 10%

Stage 4: (value service) overall sheet metal operation and service: tailor-made product market plan (from research and development to market) based on the enterprise's own situation

Our company service: focus on providing one-stop service of integrated sheet metal intelligent manufacturing solution


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