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Very practical sheet metal laser cutting sclence knowledge !

Very practical sheet metal laser cutting sclence knowledge !

                    With the continuous development of laser technology and mature, the application of laser cutting machine has been more and more widely, especially in CNC laser cutting machine in recent years rapid development, are widely used in machinery manufacturing, machinery processing, metal furniture, metal cabinets, lighting lighting, electronic appliances, metal plastic, sports equipment, arts and crafts processing, chassis cabinets, etc. Small make up today and a common universal learn professional knowledge.


1. The cutting surface is smooth, with few lines and no brittle fracture


When the laser cuts the plate at high temperature, the trace of molten material will not appear in the incision below the vertical laser beam, but will be sprayed out at the back of the laser beam.


2. Narrow slit width


Generally speaking, the cutting width does not affect the cutting quality, but only has an important impact on the cutting width when a particularly precise contour is formed inside the parts. This is because the cutting width determines the minimum internal longitude of the contour. When the thickness of the plate increases, the cutting width also increases.


3. Good slit perpendicularity, small heat affected area 


When the thickness of the processed material exceeds 18mm, the perpendicularity of the cutting edge is very important. Away from the focus, the laser beam diverges, and depending on where the focus is, the cut widens toward the top or bottom. The cutting edge deviates from the vertical line by a few hundredths of a millimeter. The more vertical the edge, the higher the cutting quality.



4. Thermal effect of cutting materials


As a thermal cutting processing application equipment, it will inevitably cause thermal influence on the material during use,and its reflection mainly includes three aspects: a. Heat affected area; b. Dent and corrosion; c. Material deformation.


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