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Development Status Of Sheet Metal Processing Industry

Development Status Of Sheet Metal Processing Industry

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Sheet Metal Processing

Sheet metal prcosessing is the integrated processing technology for the sheet metal, profiles, pipe and other metal materials , this process through the manual, general equipment or special equipment and simple workers, mold, fixture, metal parts to achieve the needs of sheet metal forming, including scissors, Punching, cutting, bending, riveting, welding, surface treatment and assembly.


At present, the sheet metal prcosessing technology is based on CNC sheet metal precossing equipment as the core,  tooling, mold and fixture and other equipment togeth, the formation of a solid modern high-tech forming industry. Its main equipment such as CNC punching, laser cutting machine, CNC bending machines and so on. The progress of information technology in the automation, intelligent manufacturing process to play a leading role. In today’s society, in people’s lives, it can be said that sheet metal production products are everywhere, has been widely used in aviation, ship, rail transportation, automotive, computer, communications equipment, medical equipment, building decoration and instrumentation and other fields.


(1) in the sheet metal  processing, the connection and other new technologies successfully developed and promoted. No riveting connection and lock riveting connection is widely used.


(2) sheet metal  parts expansion coefficient calculation standards have been formed. The application of the product area of the product gradually improved, to facilitate the enterprise according to the order requirements to select the appropriate process for production, sheet metal production for the realization of digital, automated and intelligent production laid the foundation.


(3)CNC punching shear composite processing technology has been applied and promoted. In the production process, parts closely arranged to avoid the processing dead zone, with little or no material, optimize the utilization of materials. Punching and cutting, two machine tools (a control system) at the same time work, machine utilization and production efficiency has been greatly improved.


(4) Successfully developed laser bending technology. The use of laser beam scanning metal plate, the surface of the pipe, through the local transient heating, in the heat of the region to produce uneven internal thermal stress, resulting in plastic deformation of the laser bending technology, shape-free molding, short production cycle, flexibility Big. Suitable for small batch and large-scale production of the work piece.


(5) Non-phosphorus film forming technology has been popularized. The technology saves energy, does not produce phosphating slag, reduces the cost of energy and clean up the cost of phosphating slag, significantly reducing the cost of business. The overall welding process has been widely used, the industry’s overall level of welding has been improved. Spraying process to environmental protection, the direction of metal development and improvement. Electrophoretic spray method has been gradually promoted to achieve the construction of water-based paint, completely solve the problem of large quantities of difficult to spray parts. Micro-connection, co-cutting and rolling cutting technology has been widely used.


(6) Laser cutting machines appears more practical technology. For example: the use of secondary cutting technology to cut the front and back can not arbitrarily set the material; the use of double nozzle for cutting thick carbon steel plate. Reasonably adjust the contour cutting the length of the import line, with a quick piercing instead of ordinary piercing, cutting large contour plate. In addition, the servo technology, sensor technology and advanced control software used in laser cutting machine, improved cutting process, improve the cutting accuracy, improve the use of equipment economy.


(7) the domestic turret punch with the sheet metal production industry has been booming development of the rapid development. CNC turret punch can be processed with a thickness of 10mm carbon steel, 6mm thick stainless steel plate. At present, the domestic production of CNC turret punch manufacturers a lot. The domestic CNC turret punch has DMT series of dual servo, MT series single servo, HVT hydraulic and VT series and ET series. Taiwan’s production of turret punch HPS, HP, VISE and CP series. Sino-foreign joint venture products for the economy StrippitP series and high-end all-configured StrippitM series, StrippitV series, StrippitVX series and Strippit-PX series of high-performance CNC brick tower red.

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