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Always hovering in the starting point

Always hovering in the starting point

Often imagine a person lying under a big tree, looking up, looking at the leakage from the leaves of the little bit of blue sky, from time to time there is a breeze blowing gently, branches kept swaying, dimly saw the whole pale blue sky.Slowly, fell asleep, the sun on my body to look out the mottled shadow of the trees.

Want to live a simple life, but can not give up bustling.

Dressed in fashionable, dress up outstanding, shuttle in the busy section, the audience attention.High salary and high salary, enjoying a luxurious life.

Sometimes I think, life is only once.Is it spent in plain comfort?Life is over and nothing is left.Like footprints in the sand, a wave becomes traceless.

It never seems to happen.I always feel like I should leave something behind.Leave something that reminds you of me.

But wouldn't it be too tiring?A lifetime of hard work, may end up even the world did not see clearly left in a hurry. Isn't that too bad?Where there is a will there is a way, but how many people can make it?Aren't there too many aspirants in comparison?

People are such contradictory creatures, always hovering in the starting point.Thought went very far, the foot is still reluctant to move a step.Such a life is truly meaningless and a waste.As in the mind is to start moving forward.Right or wrong.Even if the road ahead is a blind alley, so what.Big deal back through, at least a life experience, a lesson.Better than nothing.No more wandering.

The life wants to come out with own feet, the fantasy is unable to achieve the ideal other shore.

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