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Sheet Metal New Technology Brings New Opportunities

Sheet Metal New Technology Brings New Opportunities

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The manufacturing industry is under pressure from multiple varieties, small batches, customized, high quality and short delivery times. These are the result of changing customer demand and fierce competition. For the same reason, manufacturing is also facing pressure to reduce manufacturing costs year after year. In addition to seeking management improvements and changes, technological innovation is also an important approach.


Conventional sheet metal processes use shear-flushing-bending-welding processes or flame plasma bending-bending-welding processes. Faced with multiple varieties, small batches, customized, high quality, short delivery orders, it shows significant incompatibility. The laser cutting process is a replacement for “shear crushing” with flexibility and flexibility. At the same time, most people think that its cost is high. It is commonly used to make shaped and (or complex) workpieces and samples (single batch or very small batch). However, as small batch manufacturing becomes more and more popular, the demand for laser cutting is also increasing.


Re-examine the new sheet metal process: laser cutting + bending + welding / rivet welding, due to the high flexibility and high precision of laser cutting, the maturity and popularity of 3D design technology, users can benefit from new designs and new processes. Thereby achieving the requirements of reducing costs and shortening the construction period. Therefore, the new sheet metal process begins with design: design + laser cutting + bending + welding / welding. Here are some examples to illustrate the characteristics of the new process.


1) Under the traditional process, the workpiece consists of several parts. Now, one cut + bend is done. The goal of reducing the process, shortening the construction period and reducing the cost has been achieved.


2) Under the traditional process, special fixtures are provided for welding. At present, the woodworking boring process is adopted between the parts, the positioning is accurate, the time is saved, the welding fixture is simple, and the product deformation is small. It achieves the goal of shortening the construction period, reducing costs and improving quality.


3) Multi-bending process is becoming more and more popular in the domestic cabinet manufacturing industry. The advantage is the elimination of traditional reinforcements. It has a unique design and craftsmanship. Thereby achieving the purpose of high product quality and low manufacturing cost. In the actual process, it is also necessary to match spot welding.


4) Finishing four workpieces using laser cutting and high precision, one cut (with micro-join) and four bends. Breaking through the design concept under the traditional process, shortening the construction period and reducing the cost.


5) Due to the use of the boring structure, the workpiece can be finished by bending after the spot welding process. The workpiece is less deformed and does not need to be formed or polished before spraying.


Due to the characteristics of the new process, advanced sheet metal equipment software support and design, laser cutting process, bending process. It supports 2D part design, tubular part design, curved part design (only supports chalk bending machine) and 3D graphics expansion. The CNC program is transferred to the designated machine via a standard computer network.

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