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Sheet Metal Chassis and Sheet Metal Cabinet Processing

Sheet Metal Chassis and Sheet Metal Cabinet Processing

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Now the custom sheet metal chassis and sheet metal cabinets frequently Occur in our daily life and work life and work,such as your work toolbox, cabinet and so on to use sheet metal processing, we called them collectively referred to as sheet metal chassis and cabinet. So, as a sheet metal processing industry, how can we work out a high quality sheet metal chassis and cabinet? To work out a high-quality sheet metal chassis and cabinet, we can startting from the following aspects:


First, make sure the rail of chassis and cabinet :


1, The general speaking, the guide rail and the cabinet connected together with the screw or mounted, also can used the welding processing , respectively, for the welding, neatly mounted and mounted connection.


2, Rigid rails are used in pairs, in general the cabinet wight <50t, it should be considered a better rigidity, especially in the use of vibration under the situation is more important. The way to increase the rigidity is to increase the cross section of the guide rail, but this will take up the space of the cabinet.


3, positioning device Sometimes the box and the cabinet due to electrical connection and the need to use connectors, such as positioning alone is often not accurate, then the device can be installed in the box positioning pin for precise positioning.


Second, make sure the bending parts quality of sheet metal chassis and cabinet:


1, the cabinet bending parts of the bending line is best perpendicular to the direction of embossing, it is best to rough the rough surface as a curved surface to reduce the outer layer of cracking;


2, the chassis and cabinet bending parts in the bending deformation section will change, bending radius and thickness ratio of the smaller, the greater the cross-sectional shape changes;


3, in the bending processing will ocuured the rebound phenomenon for the chassis and cabinet sheet metal , the rebound more strong if the ratio more big beweten the bending radius and thickness


Third, the quality of the chassis and cabinet must have the characteristics:


1, dustproof. Long time not to clean up the chassis and cabinet will make its surface or inside a lot of dust, dust accumulation of the cabinet inside that the fan can not work properly, also increased its noise frequency. So that the dustproof can,t ignore by the user.


2, heat dissipation. good heat dissipation or not will directly affect the efficiency of their operations for the chassis and cabinet , and sometimes even due to can not work. So that heat dissipation is one of the most important function of the chassis cabinet.


3, scalability. Chassis and cabinet board gold processing inside enough room to expand the future will bring great convenience, with the protection is appropriate lunch.


Do the above aspects, it will be able to process high-quality sheet metal chassis and cabinets.


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