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Sheet Metal Cabinet Introduction

Sheet Metal Cabinet Introduction

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Sheet metal cabinet

Sheet metal cabinet design, both to show beautiful shape, but also to facilitate the work. Sheet metal cabinet through its excellent cooling function to exclude the internal parts of the heat generated by heat, convenient disassembly to facilitate the installation of replacement parts and excellent design and manufacturing process to give people a perfect feeling. Excellent design and manufacturing process will be the same as the appearance of art can give people a pleasing feeling, and comes with a variety of buttons to provide users with more convenient. After the strict handling of the hardware to give a perfect feeling, better protect the driver from harm, such as all the curling design, not only to ensure that will not scratch the arm, but also to strengthen the strength of the chassis itself.


The use of Sheet metal cabinet in different areas


Sheet metal cabinet use a number of areas in the field, for users to bring a different experience, and users in the use of which will also put forward higher requirements, the need for a higher cabinet chassis development and production, chassis cabinets in the user Of the many aspects of the demand, the new chassis cabinet products come out, aluminum chassis cabinets for users to bring a better experience.


Aluminum Sheet metal cabinet with light weight, low cost, subject to the characteristics of uniform strength, there is easy processing and aluminum alloy with a high degree of heat dissipation, especially the vehicle engine part is particularly suitable for the use of aluminum alloy.


1, the welding method is one of the methods of the chassis combination, and this way is to use the corresponding columns, beams and other appropriate connection, and this way can better ensure the chassis cabinet welding rigidity and advantages, But relatively speaking, the welding volume is too large, easily lead to beyond the scope of capacity.


2, the whole combination is the chassis cabinet to connect another way, and this way for parts spraying and protection have a certain advantage, but for the rigid strength of the chassis cabinet there are some shortcomings.

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