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Sheet Metal Bending Processing

Sheet Metal Bending Processing

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Sheet Metal Bending

We are often met many problem in the process of sheet metal processing, once we are understand these common problems and  handling the methods, that can to provide a solution  in the next bending processing and to achieved purposes of more fast and efficient production .


Frequently  Questions and Solutions:


1、The workpiece deformation in the position of bend after bending  . 


Reason: deformation is mainly caused by the bending speed too fast , but the hands did not keep up with the speed of the workpiece in the bending processing .


Solution: reduce the  bending speed, hold the work piece and the bending at the same time.


2. Problem: bending the longer work piece, there will be one side is big angle but another side is a small angle ,The situation is generally caused by the following:

(1). The raw material thickness is inconsistent, one side is thick but another is thin.

(2). Sheet metal mold wear uneven, that different height at both ends 

(3). The middle block is not balanced, not at the same level.



(1) feedback the problem to enginner in the processing of laser cutting or NCT,  let them pay attention to the election material. 

(2). Tool changer.

(3). Adjust the middle block.


3. Problem: Some bending of the “Z” work piece will be deformed when bending.


Reason: This is mainly due to the Cposition for the post-fixed positioning, bending B position , the workpiece bending up movement, hit the post-regulation, was fixed after the regulation. After bending forming, D at the Squeezed.


Solution:  use the back pull function of the back post-regulation 


4. Problem: sheet metal bending size is small, bad positioning, the mold is easy to pressure the back regulation.


Reason: Because t = 0.8, press the mold selection principle, v = 5 × 0.8 = 4mm.4v center to edge distance of 3.5mm, and 2.9mm within the size of 2.9-0.8 = 2.1mm, bending size in the v The center line to the edge of the distance, when the dress can not be positioned.Use the next mold anti-loaded, the mold will be pressed after the regular regulation, positive and negative equipment will not work, to other methods.


Solution: can be installed under the mold. After the pre-set a gasket (not more than 3t), so that after the regular regulation back, to avoid the mold

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