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Process Sheet Metal Processing

Process Sheet Metal Processing

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1. Flanging and tapping


Flanging also called pumping holes, is in a smaller base hole on a slightly larger hole, and then tapping on the hole. This can increase its strength and avoid the sliding teeth. Generally used for relatively thin sheet metal sheet metal processing. When the thickness is larger, such as 2.0,2.5 and above the thickness of the board.


2. Punch processing


General punch processing punching angle, punching blanking, red convex package, red tear, pumping holes and other processing methods to achieve the purpose of processing. Its processing needs to have the corresponding mold to complete the operation. Red convex package with convex package mold, punching tearing forming mold and so on.


3. Press riveting


Pressure riveting often used pressure riveting studs, riveting nuts, pressure riveting screws, etc., the pressure riveting method generally through the punch or hydraulic riveting machine to complete the operation, its riveting to the sheet metal pieces.


4. Bending


Bend is the 2D flat parts, folded into 3D parts. Its processing requires a folding bed and the corresponding bending mold to complete the operation. It also has a certain bending order, the principle is that the next knife does not interfere with the first fold, will produce interference after the fold.


5. Welding


Welding is the welding of multiple parts together to achieve the purpose of processing or a single part of the seam welding to increase its strength. The processing side generally have CO2 gas shielded welding, welding, spot welding, robot welding and so on. The choice of these welding methods is based on the actual requirements and material.


6. Surface treatment


Surface treatment generally have phosphating film, electroplating colorful zinc, chromate, paint, oxidation and so on. Phosphating film is generally used for cold-rolled plate and electrolytic plate, its role is mainly in the material table coated with a protective film to prevent oxidation; again is to enhance the adhesion of its paint.


7. Assemble


The so-called assembly is the number of parts or components in a certain way together to make it into a complete item. Which should be noted that the protection of the material, can not draw bruises. Assembly is the last step in the completion of an item, if the material can not be used due to bumps and injuries, need to rework red, will waste a lot of processing time, increase the cost of the item, so pay special attention to the protection of parts

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