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Non – Standard Sheet Metal Parts

Non – Standard Sheet Metal Parts

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Non-standard, as the name suggests, not the standard, there is no uniform standard. Sheet metal is a kind of integrated cold processing technology for metal sheet (usually below 6mm), including  Laser cutting, NCT punching CNC bending / compounding, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as automobile body). Its salient feature is the same parts of the same thickness. Sheet metal parts is also a thin sheet of hardware, that is, can be stamping and bending and other means to process the parts of a general definition is the thickness of the process in the same parts. Corresponding to the casting parts forging parts, such as mechanical parts, such as car outside the steel sheet is made of stainless steel sheet metal is also some sheet metal pieces.


Non-standard Sheet metal is characterized by different needs and different industries can be designed and produced, do not have a unified size and size. Can be used for different places and different industries, specific products are tailored according to different needs. Non-standard equipment manufacturing process requires a lot of non-standard sheet metal processing, sheet metal parts shape is not fixed, the traditional processing methods difficult, high energy consumption.


The introduction of numerical control technology in the sheet metal machine has been widely used, it solves the sheet metal processing in the existence of high precision parts, complex shape, bulk and other issues, but also with the adaptability of the workpiece modification, high precision, Improve productivity and other characteristics, while the numerical control system is also a simple operation of the workers to reduce the labor intensity. Sheet metal processing technology is to diversify the direction of development, non-standard sheet metal processing more and more widely used in various industries and life.


Through the use of numerical control equipment, can enhance the non-standard sheet metal processing capacity, the current mainly through the NC water jet cutting machine, CNC cutting plate machine, CNC bending machine, CNC turret punch, spot welding, plasma cutting machine Equipment can form a complete set of sheet metal processing production line.

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