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Requirements for sheet metal enclosures

Requirements for sheet metal enclosures

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ODM Sheet metal

1. In the production, each employee and each process must be processed according to drawings, processes, and standards; when the drawings and processes are not in conformity, the process shall prevail.


2. drawings, processes have tolerance requirements, processing according to tolerances.


3. drawings, processes do not note tolerances, according to GB/T1804-92m-level processing.


4. When the dimensions and tolerances of the drawings are not consistent with the technical requirements of the dimensions and tolerances, processing according to process requirements.


5. The cabinet shape is processed according to the allowable tolerance positive tolerance, and the chassis shape is processed according to the allowable tolerance negative tolerance.


6. The shape of the door is processed according to the negative tolerance of the allowable tolerance. Positive tolerance is strictly prohibited.


7. Holes that do not require tolerances are in accordance with the positive tolerances of GB/T1804-92m and are offset.


8. When all products must be opened by electroplating or hot dip galvanizing, the open process hole should be in a position that is not visible on the front of the product. All kinds of aluminum alloy panels, the shape without tolerance, according to GB/T1804-92f level of negative and sub-processing.


9. For the process sequence of bending after riveting, special care must be taken in the layout process. Too small folding will cause interference after riveting.


10. There are parts required for electroplating. Huawei technical specifications require that riveting be performed after electroplating. If the riveting is difficult after bending, the process should indicate the need for auxiliary riveting tooling.


11. In the case where the thickness of the plate is too small, it is necessary to leave a certain amount of margin for the local size that cannot be folded in place, and then to flush or mill the excess amount of the process sequence after bending.


12. Unless otherwise specified, the direction of the burr must be inside the bend. Therefore, the process layout is described by the bend diagram or text.

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