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Metal Shell and Plastic Shell

Metal Shell and Plastic Shell

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Electronics manufacturers have just emerged, many manufacturers of electronic products choose to use plastic shell, but in recent years, angry technology update fast, plastic is no longer a single choice, manufacturers have a variety of options, such as: all-metal Shell, glass and fibrous sandwich with the shell, metal and plastic with the shell, metal and leather with the shell and so on. Why are these changes? Why do manufacturers prefer more metal shells?


Advantages and disadvantages of metal shell


    Advantages: improve the product’s aesthetic degree, and make the product feel good touch, In addition, the metal thermal conductivity is good. Contrast plastic, metal can quickly dissipate the processor and the internal heat. Moreover, compared with the poly carbonate shell, the metal shell can better protect the internal components.


    Disadvantages: metal has good thermal conductivity and conductivity, but because of the high density of molecular structure on the radiation has a strong shielding effect, so the disadvantage lies in its advantages – good thermal conductivity, which makes the processor overheating Resulting in the body overheating, feels very hot; shielding off the radiation, may also shield out part of the network signal, in order to improve the network receiving capacity, the need for external antenna.


    Advantages and disadvantages of plastic shell


    Advantages: Compared with the metal shell, plastic shell will not shield the network signal and the cost is very low.


    Disadvantages: plastic shell of the value is too low, too bad touch. The poor thermal conductivity of the plastic, which makes the machine running a large number of instructions will quickly heat up, which in turn will reduce the machine running speed and life

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