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Specializing in sheet metal appearance design

Specializing in sheet metal appearance design

Dongguan EuYuan hardware technology co., ltd. is a joint venture specializing in sheet metal appearance design and sheet metal manufacturing,The company has a professional design team, tailored for customers to develop high-quality sheet metal solutions.

The company adheres to the "customer-centered, quality as the starting point, innovation as the driver", to the "three provinces" service as the standard, so that enterprises save time, so that the boss save worry, so that employees save effort, hard to serve every customer!   metal sheet enclosure Covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters, the company is equipped with CNC and laser equipment to ensure efficient production.Surface spraying to obtain national ring guarantee, surface spraying their own production, product appearance quality is more guaranteed.Truly achieve - from sheet metal design to quality production of one-stop completion.  

Our products are widely used in numerical control equipment, laser industry, mechanical equipment, financial terminals, data communication, intelligent storage, automatic retail, environmental protection and purification, medical equipment, high-end display and other fields.

The company advocates the humanized management and the strict quality management system, guarantees the quality to grasp from the source, the ingenuity manufacture and the strict quality inspection, completes each craft, enhances the product added value for the customer.

Business philosophy: people-oriented, innovative services, steady development

Create craftsmanship quality, service every customer!

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