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Sheet Metal Processing Process Requirements

Sheet Metal Processing Process Requirements

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In recent years, stainless steel processing has became more and more common. The stainless steel sheet metal processing process requires good coordination and regulations for the processing technology, so that the sheet metal processing technology can be used better.


The operator should select different blanking methods according to the structure of the drawings. The commonly used methods for sheet metal processing include lasers, CNC punches, cutting plates, and molds.
The operator should select the blanking process suitable for processing according to the drawings. The common processing methods for sheet metal processing include laser processing, numerical control punching, shearing, bending, and so on. After selecting the blanks, you can enter the next processing step.


Choose the right mold and tool. When making bends, always compare them with drawings. Select the right tool to avoid collisions due to inconsistent thickness of the tool and the stainless steel plate.


The pressure of the applied pressure should be scientifically adjusted to ensure that the stud and the surface of the work piece are flat during operation, so as to avoid buckling or pressing out of the work piece surface and causing the work piece to be scrapped.


When welding, there are various options, such as electric welding, argon arc welding, manual arc welding, carbon dioxide welding, etc., but according to scientific experiments and comparisons, the most suitable welding process for sheet metal processing is the welding process. Welding can be seamless welding from point to point.


1. The custom sheet metal processing has a large number of processing tolerances, so the processing difficulty is larger or smaller? For this problem, the high-speed operation of the sheet metal processing plant in answer the question that the higher the level of tolerance in processing dimensions, the less difficult the processing is because the level of the figures, the range of average sizes allowed, is the larger tolerance value, and therefore, the reduction Its difficulty.


2. Different materials, including metal processing in the table?
In this way, the sheet metal processing plant in high-performance view is required to focus on learning and knowledge because of its high availability, so it cannot be treated sloppy.


Cold-rolled sheet.. Advantages in application, mainly used for simplicity and low cost, however, taking into account the specific circumstances.

Hot-rolled plate: It is mainly used for electroplating and painting, but due to difficulties, it is mainly based on sheet metal.

Galvanized steel: Surface treatment is usually not, and its cost is not low.

Aluminium profile: It is mainly used in some substructures with more complex materials.

Stainless steel: Surface treatment is usually not, and its cost is relatively high.

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