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Daily Maintenance of Production Equipment in Sheet Metal Factory

Daily Maintenance of Production Equipment in Sheet Metal Factory

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Factory production and processing products, the most important is the machine, if the machine is not working, the factory will not be able to continue, so do the routine maintenance of the machine is very important.


1. Factory equipment designated person management.


2. Strictly implement the company equipment use, maintenance, maintenance, management system, conscientiously implement the equipment maintenance system, strictly abide by the operating procedures.


3. Do the equipment management “three-step”, adhere to the daily cleaning, week maintenance, month maintenance, after work every day to check the equipment control and control systems, safety devices, lubricating oil flow, oil, oil pressure standard According to lubrication chart oil, oil qualified, to be checked without problems before the official work.


4. Equipment inspection records, operating records complete, complete, account card match, fill in a timely, accurate and clean.


5. Implementation of key equipment certificate induction operation, so that the certificate match.


6. Strict equipment accident reporting system, the general accident within 3 days, a major accident within 24 hours reported to the production director or company leadership.


7. adhere to the requirements of eight words, namely: neat, clean, safe, lubrication, so that “Miyoshi” “four will” “five disciplines.”


8. Miyoshi: good management, good use, good maintenance.


9. Four: that will use, will be maintained, will check, will rule out the general failure.


10. Five disciplines: that is: to comply with safe operating procedures, and often keep the equipment clean, and according to the provisions of refueling, to comply with the shift system; management tools, attachments, shall not be lost; found immediately stop the maintenance, notify the maintenance personnel inspection and processing.


11. Equipment operation, observe the equipment sound, temperature, pressure, abnormal and should be promptly processed and reported; do check, ground adjustment, ground maintenance.


12. Operators from the post to stop, is strictly prohibited equipment empty operation.


13. Keep the equipment clean, keep the bubble, take, drip, drain.


14. The equipment should maintain the operation control system, the safety device is complete and reliable.

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