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The Laser Processing

The Laser Processing

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Laser Processing

Laser because of its excellent physical properties can be a variety of metal, non-metallic processing, in particular, can be processed high hardness, high brittleness and high melting point of the material, suitable for high-end materials, fine processing. Laser processing with cutting quality, cutting efficiency, cutting speed and other characteristics, compared to the traditional contact cutting has a prominent advantage.


And this advantage has been in the communications semiconductor industry, consumer electronics manufacturing, automotive industry and other needs of high precision, high efficiency manufacturing field shows the trend of alternative applications. In the traditional manufacturing transformation and consumer electronics industry demand innovation background, the laser processing industry will usher in a new stage of development.


Laser processing supply the helps for made in China :


Traditional laser has four major characteristics: high brightness, high direction, high monochrome and high coherence. So the laser space control and time control are very good, which gives the processing of the material, shape, size and processing environment, such as a lot of freedom, it is particularly suitable for automated precision machining.


At the same time, laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can constitute an automated intelligent processing equipment, industrial enterprises have become the implementation of metal sheet metal processing of key technologies; and picoseconds, femtosecond ultrafast laser and ultraviolet laser and other new laser technology, then In the consumer electronics industry, non-metallic materials processing field to show strong demand.


In the context of China’s manufacturing strategy of 2025, the traditional industrial manufacturing industry is facing a deep transformation, one of which is the efficiency of the same time turn to higher value-added, higher technical barriers to high-end precision machining. Laser processing and laser processing equipment has been in the consumer electronics touch screen module production, semiconductor wafer dicing and other high-end 3C manufacturing areas cut a striking figure, and in the sapphire processing, curved glass and ceramic production and other fields show New application prospects

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