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Do everything well with your heart

Do everything well with your heart

Since 2017, the cost of an enterprise for a worker has increased by at least 700 yuan. Don't underestimate this small amount of money. In the labor-intensive processing industry, an increase of 700 yuan for a worker is a heavy burden.How do you keep adding capacity while keeping workers the same or shrinking?Sheet metal processing industry competition is very big under the circumstances, how to get more business trust?

Product quality is the focus of customer concern, a sheet metal processing plant in the competition to obtain market recognition, product quality must pass.Chassis and cabinet sheet metal processing procedures, long process, high quality requirements, but the unit price of products is not high, sheet metal enterprises are earning thin processing fees, under the strong market price impact is not easy.In order to produce high-quality products, it is necessary to improve the product production efficiency of enterprises and help enterprises reduce operating costs, which must strengthen the management of enterprises, make the product processing process more scientific, and save labor and raw materials.

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