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We’ll persuade you with our product

We’ll persuade you with our product

Yesterday, a customer contacted our EuYuan sheet matel technology co., LTD through baidu, and after adding WeChat, we reported our price to him. He replied to me that our price was too high.

EuYuan:this price includes tax

Customer: the price is a little high

EuYuan: it's normal to be a little bit higher. You haven't seen our products yet.The price is not high at all.Give you stable delivery, stable quality, stable service.This is because we can only have this price by ourselves in the factory. If we send out powder spraying, we can't even do this price.

Customer: of course, the quality of the goods must be guaranteed, but if the cost exceeds the budget, we cannot do it. EuYuan: how can the low price guarantee the long-term quality?How can I get the goods in time for production?Low price can not do good service, and long-term stable delivery. Customer: I'll give you the lowdown!This model is our usual model. The price on your side is a little bit higher. EuYuan: do this sheet metal industry, only a year higher than the cost of a year, no low, why?

The reason has 4: the first, material cost is high

Second, the rent is high

Third, labor costs are high

Fourthly, to do the craft well, we must do it carefully.Art cost is high, management cost will be high.Above is a trend of whole sheet metal industry.This industry unlike your machine equipment industry, and technical content.If your current supplier is ok, don't change it. If its price is lower and lower, its service and quality will certainly be reduced.I've been in this business for more than 10 years, and I know it all too well.If you have the intention, you can come to our company to have a look, and then adjust the price for you.

Customer: ok, I'll come over after the holiday and talk about it in detail

No matter whether you have a fixed supplier before, no matter whether you know our EuYuan sheet matel technology co., LTD.We will use our professional and technical level, and stable quality and delivery, so that you have confidence in us, and we cooperate.

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