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Sheet Metal Surface Treatment Method

Sheet Metal Surface Treatment Method

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Now there is a better way to deal with the surface oxidation of the chassis of the sheet metal chassis. One is the sand blasting method, which uses the method of spraying micro glass beads. The appearance of black oxide skin last year. Another method is to use a non-polluting pickling passivation paste and normal temperature non-toxic cleaning solution with inorganic additives for immersion washing.


Oxidation is a common problem in the processing of chassis cabinets, especially for industrial equipment. Oxidation is an important target for prevention. Equipment is usually painted or electroplated for anti-oxidation treatment, but it is also impossible to completely avoid oxidation. Because the sheet metal chassis is made of different materials. Therefore, chassis manufacturers need to pay attention to the selection of materials, especially whether the metal material is excessively oxidized.


First of all, some stainless steels are roasted and heated by shearing, tying, welding or artificially by hand, causing black oxide scales. This type of oxide scale is relatively strong. In the past, people usually used nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid for strong corrosion. However, this method is harmful, especially to the human body and the surrounding environment. It is also corrosive and costly. It has now been eliminated by sheet metal processing.


In the process of the overall processing of the chassis cabinet, we need to pay attention to its focus. For example, if the chassis is too high, the center of gravity is the precondition for its stability. So what kind of center-of-gravity design can prove the stability of the chassis?


After many tests confirmed that the center of gravity of the chassis cabinet design needs to be guaranteed at 30% of its height. If the center of gravity is lower than 60% of the height of the cabinet, corresponding guarantees can also be provided. However, the lower the center design of the chassis, the better.

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