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Custom Metal Parts

Custom Metal Parts

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Custom Metal PartsStamping metal part is  mainly classified by process, can be divided into two major categories  of separation processes and forming processes. Separation  process, also known as blanking, the purpose is to make stampings along  a certain contour from the sheet separation, while ensuring the quality  of the separation section. The purpose of the  forming process is to make the sheet without plastic deformation under  plastic deformation conditions, the desired shape and size of the  work piece. In actual production, often a variety of processes integrated application of a work piece. Blanking, bending, shearing, stretching, bulging, spinning, leveling are several major stamping processes.


Custom Metal PartsMold accuracy and structure of a direct impact on the stamping parts forming and precision. Mold manufacturing costs and life expectancy is an important factor affecting the cost and quality stamping parts. Mold design and manufacturing takes more time, which extends the production of new stamping parts preparation time. Mold  base, mold frame, guide the standardization and development of simple  mold (for small batch production), composite mode, multi-position  progressive die (for mass production), and the development of rapid die  change device to reduce the amount of stamping production preparation And  shorten the preparation time, the advanced stamping technology suitable  for mass production can be rationally applied to small batch and  multi-variety production.


Custom Metal PartsIn the  production of tens per minute, hundreds of pieces of stamping parts in  the case of a short period of time to complete the feeding, stamping,  the discharge of waste and other processes, often occur personal,  equipment and quality accidents. Therefore, the safety of stamping is a very important issue. Stamping safety measures are:
① mechanized, automated access to materials.

② set mechanical guards to prevent injuries. Application of mold guard, automatic withdrawal device and hand tools into and out of material.

③ set the electrical protection, power-off device. Set photoelectric or air curtain protection switch, two or more hands start switch in series, anti-misoperation device.

④  improve the clutch and brake structure, the danger signal is issued,  the press crankshaft, connecting rod, punch can immediately stop in  situ.


Sheet metal partsShaping is the use of established shape of the abrasive shape of the product for the second trimming. Mainly reflected in the pressure plane, such as foot shells. Some materials for the existence of flexibility, can not guarantee a molding quality, the use of re-processing.
Bulging  is the use of the mold so that the sheet material is thinning the  surface area increases to obtain parts processing methods. Commonly used are ups and downs, cylindrical (or tube) rough bulging and flat blank stretch forming. Bulging can be achieved using different methods, such as rigid mold bulging, rubber bulging and hydraulic bulging and so on.

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