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Network cabinets

Network cabinets

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Network Cabinet

The network cabinet compatibility is a headache for user  , data room equipment from different manufacturers, different manufacturers of the same model, these devices do not form a unified specification, which must have the network cabinet compatibility of the equipment . With the development of data center towards the overall availability, the demand for network cabinet management in the equipment room is increasing. It is foreseeable that a rack solution that fully meets data center requirements and has scalability in the future will be able to better solve user problems and improve the management of user IT systems. When purchasing a rack, users should consider the following Factors in this regard.


1, load-bearing guarantee, with the increase in product density placed in the network cabinet, good load-bearing capacity, is a basic requirement for a qualified network cabinet products. Network cabinets that do not meet the specifications may not be able to properly and effectively protect the equipment in the network cabinet because of the poor quality of the network cabinets. As a result, the entire system may be affected.


2, reliable quality assurance, select a suitable server network cabinets and cabling network cabinets is very important, a little negligence, it may result in huge losses. No matter what brand of products, quality is the first user to consider the link.


3, anti-jamming and other, a full-featured network cabinets should provide all kinds of locks and other functions, such as dust, water or electronic shielding and other high anti-jamming performance; at the same time should provide suitable accessories and mounting accessories to support Wiring more convenient, at the same time easy to manage, save time and effort.


4, temperature control system, the network cabinet has a good temperature control system inside to avoid overheating or undercooling products in the network cabinet to ensure the efficient operation of equipment. Network cabinet can choose the full range of ventilation, can be equipped with fans (fans have a life guarantee), in a hot environment can be installed independent air-conditioning systems, in cold weather can be installed independent heating insulation system.


5, after-sales service, enterprises provide effective services, as well as the comprehensive equipment protection provided by the program, for the user’s installation and maintenance to bring great convenience.

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