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Sheet Metal Cabinet Color Craft

Sheet Metal Cabinet Color Craft

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With the development of the economy, and increasing technology, making the production technology to achieve the ideal state, the sheet metal cabinet production technology is also very different, according to the requirements of the times, the production of chassis cabinets need innovative ideas, the new era only have a new The design concept in order to meet future development needs. What is the process of coloring the chassis cabinets?


 Through the eyes of the steel cabinet the most intuitive, vivid, the image provided to the brain, we will be the transmission process into a visual effect. Now most users are very attention to visual effects, because different colors can give people a different feeling and mood. Color is actually very influential people’s feelings. Whether it can work steadily, whether the calm state of the whole body into the work, the color does play a role. Chassis cabinets are usually selected cool colors, where the role of the spectrum also has the auxiliary user to smooth the role of emotional work, so most of the chassis cabinet with cool colors. As a manufacturer we can not only care about the color, more important is the color of the skills.


There are five ways to color:


⑴ chemical oxidation coloring method: that is, in a specific solution, through the chemical oxidation of the film to form the color, with dichromate, mixed sodium salt method, vulcanization method, acid oxidation and alkaline oxidation. General “Yinke Law” (INCO) use more, but in order to ensure that a group of products consistent with the color, you must use the reference electrode to control.


⑵ electrochemical coloring method: in a particular solution, by electrochemical oxidation of the film to form the color.


⑶ ion deposition oxide coloring method Chemical method: the stainless steel work piece is placed in a vacuum coating machine for vacuum evaporation plating. For example: titanium plated watch case, watch belt, usually golden yellow. This method is suitable for large quantities of product processing. Because of the large investment, high cost, small batch products are not cost-effective.


⑷ high temperature oxidation coloring method: in a particular molten salt, immersed in the work piece to maintain a certain process parameters, so that the workpiece to form a certain thickness of oxidation, and showing a variety of different colors.


⑸ gas phase cracking coloring method: more complex, less in the industry.

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